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15 Jan 2018

Parallel Space-Clone Different Apps In One Device

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       Parallel Space app is an android app launched for android users for Cloning multiple of android apps on their device. Some of you guys have been buying different device for social media or online purpose because of (IP) tracking like Facebook use to track people using two accounts in one Device. Here goes the solution to your problems.
     Parallel space app works on all android device and easy to operate. The app creates virtual space that is independent and separate on the device. It allows user to run and clone other apps inside it.
   The chief feature of parallel space is the little memory it actually takes up on your device. It's compressed to (5mb) properly with all it's features.

       Parallel Space Features 

  • Log In To Multiple Accounts: It enables user to Clone apps and switch to multiple accounts. Almost all apps are supported for second account on parallel space and data from both accounts won't interfere.

  • Protects Users Privacy: It makes cloned apps invisible on device through incognito installation. And also protects users privacy with security lock.
  • Where To Download Parallel space app. Head over to play store
       Click Here

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