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13 Dec 2016

Rumors On Galaxy S8 Which Has No Physical Home Button

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First and foremost, the South Korean tech giant plans to scrap the inclusion of a physical home button on the device and instead settle for a virtual button. The headphone jack might be dropped for the sake of engineering a thinner device, or just possibly out of a desire to copy the worst decision from the iPhone 7.

Though, it may comes with virtual home button in the absence of the physical one and it will be embedded under the glass at the bottom edge of the screen like Google's Nexus and Pixel. Keep in mind that dropping the home button would also mean moving the fingerprint reader, possibly to the rear of the device like many competing manufacturers do.
According to the sources, the phones will come with wraparound displays using organic light-emitting diode technology.

Galaxy S8 may also comes with a curved screen display which would be without display bezels at the sides of the screen. The bezel-less display will afford users a more robust viewing experience and coupled with the fact that Samsung uses AMOLED displays

NOTE: It may be released between march and April 2017. Let’s wait and see

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