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30 Dec 2016

Congrats To All Andriod And Tecno Users: You Can Now Download HiOS Launcher On Playstore

We are heading to 2017 soon saying bye-bye to 2016 forever , we shall all witness the new year IJN…. AMEN. Most of us know that the HiOS is one of the best thing that has ever happened to Tecno users with easy to use user interface, simplicity and efficiency. However, for a very long time, not all Tecno smartphone are eligible to use the HiOS but this time around, I’ve got good news for you.

Now, the HiOS is available in the Google Play store for you to download on your Android smartphone.

Why You Should Download HiOS Launcher

>>It comes with awesome features like Hi Search which helps you find quickly find the content and apps you want,

>>It comes with dynamic icon and camera.

>>It comes with abundant themes and wallpapers and many more….

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Where To Download it?

You can download it from Google Play store here

Well, for those Tecno users whose smartphone are not yet HiOSsupported, it is Google Play supported, so go ahead and download it, feel the UI and tell us what you think.



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