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2 Dec 2016

Check Out The Rumored Specs Of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 specs And It’s Released Date

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There have been a lot of suggestions that Samsung would abandon the Galaxy Note brand after the disaster of the Galaxy Note 7 infamously exploding, but it is now expected instead that the Korean corporation will continue with this popular phablet series. Firstly, see its released date below

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release date:
There is already some debate over when the Galaxy Note 8 will be released. The natural release date for this phablet would be towards the end of 2017, shortly before the release of Apple’s iPhone 8. However, it has been suggested in some quarters that Samsung could release the next generation device earlier than would usually be the case, in an attempt to recover from the financial losses incurred by the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumored Specs

>>Operating system: Either Android Nougat or Android O will be used in the Galaxy Note 8, depending on when Samsung releases the device. The latter perhaps seems more likely if Samsung sticks to something close to its usual release schedule.

>>Processor: Samsung has utilized a combination of its proprietary Exynos technology in recent releases, but has also introduced Qualcomm back into the fold with its Snapdragon series. This could mean that the Snapdragon 830 will debut in the Galaxy Note 8, meaning that the phablet will be powered by at least 3.2 GHz of octa-core power.

>>Memory: Early rumors related to the Galaxy Note 8 suggest that the phablet will be packed with a staggering 6 GB of RAM. This sort of massive memory quotient may be a necessity if Samsung is to deliver a 4K resolution display, and also to provide satisfactory virtual reality functionality.

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>>Design: The general consensus of opinion is that Samsung is unlikely to diverge too drastically from the metal and glass of the doomed Galaxy Note 7. Bezels could be slimmed down significantly, though, and already there have been the usual edge-to-edge concept images suggesting a more radical departure from the norm.

>>Display: Samsung is expected to deliver some outstanding technology with the Galaxy Note 8 display, in an attempt to get customers back on side with the device range. And one of the particularly intriguing suggestions for the Galaxy Note 8 display is that Samsung could finally include the foldable screen technology which it first demonstrated at a trade show several years ago.

>>Camera: It is widely anticipated that the Galaxy Note 8 will include a dual-lens camera, but the potential pixel resolution of this snapper has drawn particular excitement from Android fans. It is suggested that Samsung could include a 30-megapixel lens in the Galaxy Note 8 camera, and this would undoubtedly make the photographic capabilities of the phablet among the absolute pinnacle of the smartphone niche.

>>Battery: Well there will likely be power-saving features built into the next iteration of the Android operating system, but Samsung may also decide to increase the physical quantity of the cell as well. The Note 7 battery is 3,500 mAh, and we may see this figure upped to in excess of 4,000.

>>Price: There will be pressure on Samsung to release the Galaxy Note 8 at a lower and more competitive price point, particularly after the unmitigated failure of the Galaxy Note 7. Now let’s wait for Samsung to deliver this great smartphone.
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