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28 Dec 2016

Blackberry Mecury: What You Need to Know About The Last Flagship Device

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I remember those days when Blackberry once had a glorious moment in the mobile industry before they lost the battle and hence kicked out of the mobile industry by more innovative and dynamic competitors.

They had earlier announced that it was selling its smartphone arm of business to TCL, owners of Alcatel brand. But before the departure announcement, Blackberry was already rumored to be working on her last flagship device which will take over from DTEK 60 as the next DTEK 70. The device is said to go by the codename – Mercury.

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Blackberry Mercury would come with full QWERTY keyboard, will likely be powered by the flagship Snapdragon 821 processor, finger print sensor integrated into the space bar and a huge battery that can last you for 2 days. Rumors also have it that Blackberry Mercury will be a 4.5inch device and will likely use hyperbolic or curved display screen.

Well, we are still waiting for it to be announced officially

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