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23 Nov 2016

Some Amazing Features That Make Android 7.0 Nougat The Best Android For Now

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Well, it not easy to be the best unless you work towards it, though Google has been busy improving their mobile operating system and the journey has been a long and interesting one. Recently,  we have the Lollipop (Android 5.0) , the Marshmallow ( Android 6.0) and now the Android 7.0 (Naugat) .
Without wasting much of our time,  let’s go straight to the point..

These are the new updates Marshmallow brings:

>> Notifications: Most applications are already developing the ability to reply to notifications directly from the drawer. Whatsapp being an example and it’s clear Android intends to show support for this feature .
More so, notifications are now stacked.

>>Quick App Toggle: App toggle on Android is not new at least to me. I’ve used certain apps to do it in the past but it’s a great development nonetheless. Now you can effortlessly switch from two main apps with ease
>>Multi-window: If you are a Samsung user, you wll agree with me that Multi-window feature has been around for a while. I only wonder what took Google so long to release this feature. All the same, I say a big welcome.
>>Speed: Android Naugat will run faster than previous versions of android. Apps will install faster( 70 percent faster), the UI will operate smoother and also faster. This will be loved by all
Which Function fascinates you the most? Drop your answer in the comment section

>> Picture-in-picture: If you’re familiar with Dice player ( this feature makes it my best video player on android), YouTube or Gionee media player then you’ll have an idea of how this works. It enables you to pin a video at a corner while you do other things in the background. Tablet users and TV users, I can picture you smiling.

>>Introducing the DayDream VR: This is set to launch fully in 2017 starting with new Nexus devices. The implication is that VR (virtual reality) integrates fully with Android phones for a better user experience.

>> Seamless Updates: Assuming you’re trying to update apps on your phone and you have to quit your app. Well, we’ve all been there but that’s no more. On Android Naugat you can now update in the background without any interruption.

What do you think about this?

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