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25 Nov 2016

NICE ONE! More Nokia Smartphones To Be Unveiled Next Year 2017

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We all know that Nokia did not really go into production of more Smartphones this year 2016 but Nokia as the legendary brand known for its mobile phones several years ago, is returning to the smartphone business next year. I guess you missed them a lot.

Nokia will not make Smartphones itself, since it no longer has the required manufacturing facilities. Thus, the handsets will be made in collaboration with Finnish company HMD Global, and Taiwanese giant Foxconn. Led by former Nokia execs, HDM will "develop, market and sell Nokia-branded phones and accessories", while Foxconn is dealing with R&D and manufacturing. Nevertheless, the Finish company will announce its first Smartphones in the long run while at Mobile World Congress 2017.

More Nokia smartphones will be announced but we really don’t know how many HMD Global and Nokia plan to announce in the first quarter of 2017 and when exactly they will be available on the market. But it has been confirmed that the rumored Nokia DIC with 3GB ram onboard storage, powered by a 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor, 32GB internal memory, 16MP rear camera and Android 7.0 Naugat out of the box will ship next year.

Let’s wait for the quality smartphones from Nokia beginning from Next year 2017, Are you also waiting for the quality Smartphones by Nokia?

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