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4 Oct 2016

Which Is Greater Among Samsung Galaxy S7 And iPhone 7? See The Greater..

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We all know that both phones are good pieces of technology from reputable companies, Today, I want us to share our opinions on this topic ,  by doing so, we will know each and every one of us though concerning Samsung S7 and IPhone 7.

Though both phone looks like having same similarities in some aspect but I will convince you that both phones match up each other for the different features. I do not want you to think other way round  because IPhone 7 is expensive than Samsung S7 or because people are talking about IPhone this days, No,  forget about those things.   As far as aesthetics is concerned, where it is hard to tell the difference between iPhone 7 and iPhone 6, Samsung S7 reflects a lot of learning from Samsung’s 2015 flagship. S7 features a curved back for better one handed usability and comes with the same strong metal chassis and glass. Even the Galaxy S7 Edge has a slightly curved back.

I want you to put this also in your mind, iPhone 7 offers two extra-stunning finishes – jet black and a matte black- while still retaining the traditional gold, rose gold and silver finishes. It is also about half a millimetre thinner than S7 Edge besides been generally lighter weighing a total of 4.87 ounces compared to S7 Edge’s 5.54 ounces.

Normally, we  all know that Both iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 are water and dust resistant, rated IP67 and IP68 respectively. The first digit, 6, means that both phones are completely resistant to dust, general dirt and sand. 7 means that the iPhone 7 is guaranteed free from harm if immersed in water (1m deep for 30 minutes) under defined conditions of pressure and time. The ranking, 8, guarantees that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is safer at 1.5m submersion for 30 minutes.

If you like a mobile device that gives you not just good battery life but also allows you recharge it quickly, Samsung Galaxy S7 is your phone. Same thing applies if you prefer the headset and don’t mind expandable storage capacity.

Nevertheless, am sure with this point above, you will reason along with me about what I said and if you also want to contribute or convince us about this topic, kindly drop it down by using the COMMENT box, we really appreciate.

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