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12 Oct 2016

This Mobile Phone Can Survive Under Water For 60Minutes, Check It Out!

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This Smartphone is extra ordinary, its manufacturer really took time in the production of this device, am sure it only few Smartphone out there can survive under water for now. To be sincere, I am so impressed with the build of this Smartphone

HT20 is a mid-range smartphone, 2GB ram, 16GB rom 4.7 inches with 8MP rear camera and support for finger print ID.

I will be showing you the video of this Smartphone surviving under water for 60minutes but before I go into that, I will like to inform you about this, This is the next midrange flagship of called HT20. The construction apparently uses some vacuum technology making the phone sturdy and resistant to water.

Now, it time to show you the video of HomTom called HT20 surviving under water for 60 minutes, Watch the video below

You might to thinking that the video is not upto 60minutes but note that the video has been edited, so you don’t have stare for complete 60Minutes.

My question is that “Can your smartphone even survive 4Minutes inside water”?

If it can, COMMENT “YES” and if it can’t COMMENT “NO”…. I love you guys…

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