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31 Oct 2016

How To Connect Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 To PC

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This post is basically for Samsung users as you can see the topic above. This will guide you on how to easily connect the Samsung GalaxyNote 7 to a PC. The Galaxy Note 7 with 5.7 inches, corning Gorilla glass 5 display screen is one of Samsung's flagship device for 2016.

Though we all know that the phone features a 4GB RAM and a quad HD Amoled display, I don’t want to go into specs now, we are dealing with that at this moment..let me go straight to the above topic, we have 2 easy ways to connect Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to  PC, take a look at it below.

Method 1: Connecting Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to PC via Bluetooth
Well, I know some people prefer the wireless connection over Bluetooth, this method will enable you connect your Note 7 to PC via Bluetooth, just follow the steps below.
>>Turn on your device's Bluetooth. Go to "settings" > "Bluetooth" . Make sure you enable the discoverable option to allow nearby devices communicate with your Note 7.
>>Now go to your PC, open the Bluetooth. 'Start' > 'Settings' > 'Devices' >'Bluetooth'  
>>Your phone's Bluetooth name should now appear on the list of devices, Click the device to pair and access files.

Method 2: Connecting via USB cable
If you own a Windows or Mac PC, follow these steps to connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to PC
>>Use the USB cable that came with your device to connect your phone to a suitable USB port on your PC.
>>Your phone will notify you of the connection, simply pull down the notification area at the top screen to choose how you wish to connect to the PC. 

I hope you understand the two steps? If you don’t really get that, kindly drop your COMMENT and we will get back to you as soon  as possible.

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